What is CASHBOX?

CASHBOX a premier peer to peer payment platform. CASHBOX provides solutions to move your money. We believe everyone's money has value. At CASHBOX we bring insight, security, and protection to your money.

CASHBOX products & services will be an innovative partner and solution for consumers and businesses in need globally.

CASHBOX Loves People. We are solution driven and committed to serving our customers efficiently-through innovative technologies that are designed and developed by people who desire the same level of security.

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Our Story

"I was shopping on an online marketplace for equipment I needed for my business when I made the connection to a seller who seemed to be trustworthy. We connected through email initially and then a phone call to set the specifics up for a meet-up.

I offered to send the full asking amount to ensure the piece of equipment would be mine. The seller insisted that I only send half in advance, and we could exchange the remainder face to face. I agreed, sent half, and called the seller back to confirm receipt only to be faced with a disconnected line.

I reached out to the money transfer system I used, and they advised that once the money is sent, it's gone forever. My money had no protection and that was a hard pill to swallow. I then contacted my financial institution and they were unsuccessful in assisting me. At that moment, it dawned on me that I had been scammed for the first time in my life. I never received the product or my money back. I came up with the idea of CASHBOX to never lose a penny again by locking cash, securely sending and receiving."

CASHBOX Founder and CEO


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